About Adam

I was born in South Bend, Indiana; home of tornados, snowstorms and Notre Dame football. My childhood consisted mostly of playing with legos, drawing ninja turtles, conquering video games, and building paper airplanes. (anybody else remember Whitewings?)

I went to Virginia Commonwealth University and learned how to paint, throw a great party, and paint while throwing a great party.

I’ve worked as a:

  • yo-yo salesmen at a kiosk where I learned how to yo-yo while making it look cool (3rd place in VA 1997)
  • convenience store clerk where I learned the thoughtful strategies of people addicted to scratch lotto
  • night stock boy at an inner city 24 hour pharmacy where I learned how to break up fights between feuding homeless
  • manager at a fast food restaurant where I learned the key to customer service are the words “on the house”
  • security guard at a dormitory where I learned how to read while walking and that college athletes do indeed “get” lots and lots and lots of girls
  • decorative painter in wealthy neighborhoods in Richmond, VA where I learned that no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy taste.
  • wedding caterer in Richmond, VA where I learned that there’s nothing good champagne and a chocolate fountain can’t fix
  • bar tender at a busy public golf course where I learned that I was not alone in loving to hate golf

For fun I read, entertain my son, cook pork chops, play board games, paint, listen to music[loudly], drink wine, watch TV and clean.

I love talking advertising, science fiction, space, the singularity, planning, culture, music and music videos.

I live and work in Boston. I crank out creative for 3 brands in the high end licensed apparel industry.


One response to “About Adam

  1. I’d like to learn more about the healing nature of champagne…

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