iPhone apps don’t resonate with women shoppers as much as expected, says marketing firm

Possible revisions to Tupperware smartphone apps needed. See article:

Market Intelligence From: Stylesight.com

Dozens of fashion brands and retailers are jumping on the iPhone’s application technology to engage consumers, but is the strategy working? A new survey from Mobile marketing shop Brand in Hand suggests not as well as one might think.

In trials conducted by the firm of more than 60 mobile campaigns run over the past two years, results showed that female iPhone users between the ages of 19 to 49 years of age were less engaged with mobile web advertising than women who use phones with conventional features, reported Ad Age.

Users of conventional cellphones actually averaged a higher post-click to page views at 3 to 3.5 more than iPhone users, who average 1.3 post-click page views.

Brand in Hand’s co-founder and managing partner, John Hadl, said the reason why is that women are task-oriented and using their smartphones to accomplish things, not interact with brands. “When she is in an app doing a task, she is less likely to stop what she is doing and do something else,” Hadl told Ad Age.

He also said the iPhone just lacks the scale and accessibility worldwide that brands need to reach more women. “One of the challenges [in mobile advertising] is to build mobile sites that cater to all handsets, which can limit you creatively,” Mr. Hadl said. “Do I want to reach 4 million moms or 20 million moms?”

“I can’t reach men and women in those countries with a smartphone. It’s not going to happen,” Mr. Hadl said. Though he said iPhones have done well in male-targeted campaigns his agency has run, “marketers can’t just assume that smartphones are predominant, and therefore always the best investment for reaching all active mobile audiences.”

Nielsen Media reports that about 18% of women age 18-49 have a smartphone today, or roughly 3% of the total cellphone-carrying population. According to M: Metrics, about 721,000 moms aged 25 to 44 own an iPhone.

“God bless you for making something that will take three to four years from now to take hold, but right now, I’m looking for something that will drive sales in the next six to 10 months,” Mr. Hadl said.

Market Intelligence From: Stylesight.com


One response to “iPhone apps don’t resonate with women shoppers as much as expected, says marketing firm

  1. That’s really interesting – I hadn’t heard that – I’m trying to think of whether I think it would be true for me as well… I can see that aspect but on the other hand I like exploring sites and discovering additional links, people that are interesting, anything that can expand my research – but since I’m constantly looking to survey the widest possible demographic of people and their fashion needs/trends/etc I’m probably an anomaly. Anyhow, I hate the idea of being predictable just because I’m female 😉

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