Permission Marketing Strategy (email blasts)

email-iconPermission marketing is not just another name for an email blast campaign. It’s a completely different way of thinking about selling online than we’re used to. It takes a ton of planning and thoughtful creative to gain traction but if executed well, It’s one of the most powerful selling tools we have at our disposal. As with everything in the ecommerce landscape, we have to offer up something of value to kick off the conversation and build an audience. Bribe them to get their attention, then wow them over once you’ve got it. Only after you have developed a trust, can you offer up a selling message. Best part about permission marketing though is while you have the prospects on the hook, you can ask questions and inform the participants about your products every step of the way. That makes your next effort even better informed and you learn about your customers so you can better serve them next time around. People give their time and energy to you, and you are challenged to turn it into a sale or valuable market data that can effect where we go and what we do as a brand.

The rules are whatever is agreed upon by both parties:

Just lay out what’s expected and what we are doing from the get go with an

honest and deliberate tone, peppered with humor.

People are disarmed by such a straight forward approach.

Then have something relevant and interesting to say when it’s your turn to speak. Make sure it sells them on a unique selling proposition that nobly else can lay claim to.  We’re pushing the overall brand here. Harvesting a fanbase of people who love our brand, not just their team.

Things to do:

  1. Offer up something people value for their time and participation. (gift cards, tickets, cash)
  2. Encourage sharing the competition or sweepstakes with their friends in exchange  for more chances to win (example: for every email address of a friend you get to sign up, you get an additional two more chances to win)
  3. Develop surveys and questions to obtain important market data
  4. Be ready with marketing messages catered to the answers you get from each participant, or brand messages that are well thought out and convincing.
  5. Use your newly carved up email list to effectively target your marketing messages only to people who care about the specifics you pedal.
  6. Plug your twitter feed, facebook page, blog, and products.

Ask for the sale.


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