’47 Word of Mouth Strategy

ClubSportfriendsWord of mouth is by far the most effective marketing tool, hands down. The reason is simple.

You, as a logical thinking being, surround yourself with people you find interesting or share mutual interests with. It’s human nature. Its also human nature to avoid the pains of life and seek out the pleasures.  And people talk about that stuff in great detail all the time.

Your personal friend network of like-minded individuals is the surest place where a message about a product or service gets the most clout. Whether that message be positive or negative, we may not have that much control. But we are and can do a great deal more to push us in the right direction.

One thing we do have control of (the thing our business model is partially relying on) is our quality. We stand behind our products.  So, the next step is to get people talking about it. The theory of this WOM strategy goes that if we seed our product into certain markets of well connected influencers, we can push the brand along easily.

The Rules of Face to Face Interaction Between People Apply:

Honesty and transparency is key. Be upfront with what you are going to do and ask up front for what you want in return. No more, no less.

Be ready for honesty in return – feedback that you may not like. Also, just like in human interaction, give with no real expectation to receive.

Things to do:

Exterior brand all products.

Pick the right seeds. Taste makers. Social people with wide range of influence. We must be extremely choosey in who becomes our brand ambassadors.

Make the good feelings easy to share. Use social media tools to pollinate the sentiment further into the market segment.

Maybe host an event.

Ask for feedback regularly and always say “Thank you”


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