’47 Twitter Strategy

TwitterTwitter is a great place to grow a fanbase and it can be used as a powerful sales lead generator. It’s a personalized RSS feed that uses tools and community norms to connect ideas, opinions, products, entertainment, news, and content to like minded prospects. It’s a place where real time conversations happen in short 140 character bursts. Users can update what’s on their mind from any mobile device or computer. Users can Tweet into the void for their followers to listen, or tweet direct to people to get a conversation going. Thing is, it’s eavesdropping on conversations, then adding your tid-bit to the pool. That can be a tricky place to start a conversation with a stranger- Because you only know so much about them (whatever they tweet about  + a very short bio) You have got to be thoughtful in your approach and as always, offer something of real value to the users before you can plug a sales message. So, just like in the real world  you can’t ask for the sale up front and be successful. You have to earn it over time. Good thing is, if you keep it up and don’t get sloppy, it just snowballs into more and more of a fanbase, and things can get easier down the road.

The rules of the party apply:

Start relationships on mutual interests

Offer up thoughtful comments to prospect’s tweets

Ask your followers thought provoking questions about things they like to talk about (hopefully its about your products or loosely related to them)

Pass along cool content that is genuinely helpful to the prospects, thus gaining trust, and eventually opening the door for a sale.

Many companies attempt to push product on Twitter unsuccessfully. Its not because it’s a bad tool, it’s because they do it in a “one size fits all” way. Essentially they end up with a list of “hey check this out!” sort of tweets that nobody wants to hear because they haven’t taken the time to be relevant and thoughtful to a select fan base. It takes time and creative thought to do this right. And many fail because it’s hard work.

Things to do:

1.     Follow prospects (search them out in the Trending section)

2.     Follow people who influence us, and join in the conversation that they’re developing

3.     Follow our competitors

4.     Pass along content we find that we think is important and cool

5.     Comment on trending topics in our wheelhouse- fashion, sports, news, etc.

6.     Ask questions of the community of followers

7.     Tweet about things were doing and excited about

8.     Twit Pic our ads, signs, illustrations, inspirations- anything we think is cool

Plug product


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