’47 Facebook Strategy

FacebookFacebook is teaming with an absolute ton of people in our core demographic talking about themselves and others in great detail.  They share information, interests, opinion, pictures, everything. It’s important for marketers because they can effectively target a message or a series of messages, or even a conversation that starts a relationship that builds trust and thus the very strong prospect of a sale. By being part of that community and a genuine non-threatening person who is cool and in touch with what our demographic is into, we can develop a “friendbase” who want to hear marketing messages from us. All in all, social media is like the world’s biggest party; only no drinking.

The rules of the party apply:

Start conversations on mutual interests.

Ask thoughtful questions that show you understand and genuinely care.

Listen (read) twice as much as you speak.

Offer advice or a helping hand (Actual content.) Solve a problem for them.  Make them want to be your friend and maybe you can earn the right to send them marketing messages.  You just can’t come out of the gate with a “wanna make out?”

You’ve got to plant the seed, nourish the relationship, then ask for the sale… And after they take you up on your offer and make a purchase, it’s still not over- you call them back. So you can do it again later and maybe they’ll tell a friend.

Roster is doing a pretty good job with facebook out of the gate. Check their page out.

They have an active page with pics and relevant comments and friends already.

But their grassroots friends look a bit like Astroturf to me: I think they require their employees to participate and post… just my opinion.

Things to do:

1.     Friending prospects

2.     Friending people who influence us + trading partners

3.     Friending our competitors

4.     tagging pics of product

5.     publishing content i.e. style guide –like gq or esquire with a sporty twist

6.     quizzes

7.     interactive look book

8.     making virtual products and gifting them to prospects

9.     accruing the email list


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