’47 Facebook Creative Ideas

FacebookWho is our customer?

College age males and females who are sports fans and are interested in sports and maybe fashion in general. They are well connected, they have very short attention spans, they know when they’re being marketed to, they get their news and media from a wide variety of places; but the one thing they all have in common: Killing  whatever free time they have on facebook so they can stay connected and ensure they don’t miss any fun.

What is our message?

We think you’re cool. We understand you. We like you. Here is some information that may entertain you and you might find funny. Maybe you like us too and will take our recommendations on style. Enjoy and forward along if you like.

What do they want to hear? What do we do?

Anything that is funny and or helpful, that makes their life easier. Identify and solve a problem for them. Entertain them. Don’t talk down, talk up. Give them a shit-ton of credit. Pitch it like you met somebody in a bar. Make conversational leaps and references that other demographics wouldn’t get.  Know who you are talking to and say something so interesting they care and remember.

We make an online quiz. The results filter down to product recommendations. We have a lot of things for a lot of different types of customers. Help them shop while making them laugh.

Why should they care?

This is different for each target.  If targeting the guys? We tackle the test like you are single and looking. Most college age folks are.

Ex. Support the team and not look like a tool on game night.

If targeting girls? Solve a problem they all have- Want to look cute and show you can hang with the boys?

Need to hash this out more…

What will motivate them to shop the site after their results are in?

Our voice is that of the writers of Maxim, Espn mag, Bar Stool Sports, FHM. They are edgy and funny and distinctly male in tone. They know how the customer talks, what shows they watch, what magazines they read, and how they feel about ads. We have to get out there and be honest. Offer them information they are interested in. 

Ex. What kind of fan are you? and How can you dress to impress at the game?

Play on their wants as a consumer group but inject your brand into the mix. Do it tactfully and people love it. They laugh, they remember you, they let you pester them some more. They’ll check out the site.  It’s kinda like knowing what to say at a bar or cocktail party that gets you into a better conversation- and possibly their pants or in our case, their wallet.

Regardless, it’s a helluva lot more effective than shouting at people with a stupid stale brand message that only you care about in a traditional media channel.


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