’47 Club Sport (word of mouth creative)

Abstract: We give local club sports teams product that they help design. In return, they give us photo shoot time and rights to imagery. We document them in the product, in their environments (campus, sports fields, etc.). It boosts sales and brand awareness at the college level and opens new accounts. It also drives traffic to the local book stores.

Who is our customer?

Unsponsored club sports teams at good universities.

What is our message?

We like you. We think you’re cool. Let us give you some product and shower you with attention. Please don’t hesitate to share our brand with your friends.

What do they want to hear?

“You’re cool, here’s some great stuff, here’s a web destination dedicated to how cool you are that’s easy to share with your friends.”

Why should they care?

Because they already care about their teams, circles of friends and lifestyles.  It’s quality stuff and they want it. And they helped design it! What’s not to like?

What will motivate them to make a purchase?

Not the same club sport team members, but the others they influence on campus are the goal. We seed the product into the marketplace on influencers and help facilitate the positive buzz about it. If you’re a student and you buy a piece of team related apparel, why not buy what the cool kids are wearing or what you see around?


Q. How do we get teams to enroll?

A. Word of mouth thru initial efforts. Print brochure (we print here, we’ll need so few) to have coaches who are already singed up give out to other interested teams. Different schools, diff sports. Word of mouth (about our brand) travels fast among well connected people and groups.  On tap we believe we can get a team at Tufts, BC, Harvard and BU each.

Q. Why Club Sport teams? Why not groups like super Fans? Or real campus athletics?

A. Club sports teams are the perfect fit for ’47 brand. Club sport athletes are well balanced connected people who can influence others. They have many friends on campus and on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. They host parties and they socialize heavily on weekends.  They are the perfect brand ambassadors. Super fans are dorks. Glee club sucks. They’re like the water boys or assistant coaches for women’s teams. They collect dirty towels in the locker rooms. You do not look to these people for fashion tips. They’re not influencers. They are the highly influenced. They get their ’47 gear from the bookstore at full retail price. We target the cool.  The elite. The snobs. The Ivy leaguers.  We give them our stuff and put up a website/Marketing materials about it so it rubs off. We don’t target major athletics.  Real college level sports teams are already sponsored by Brands like Reebok, Nike, Boathouse, Asics. All performance based gear made to be worn on filed during play.  Do they also make lifestyle driven stuff? Yes, but ours is better. That’s our market. That’s why we exist. We make what you prefer to wear it on the sidelines, in the dining hall, at a game in the stands, at a house party, to class. They’re all sports fans, but not to the 9nth degree. They’re not face painting  “on-field” cap wearing super nut-job fans. They are cool first, athletes or fans second.

Q. What do we do?

A. We ask unsponsored club sports teams if they would like us to sponsor them with product (that they help design) in exchange for photo-shoot time and usage rights of imagery collected. Example: Tufts Track and Field men’s and women’s team. 140 total student athletes.  We ensure they will be happy with what they get by including them on the design process (the beauty of low minimums and customization we can handle)

Q. How does supporting club sports translate to sales?

A. Sponsoring a team can increase sales of accounts that currently carry our product, or be instrumental in getting into new accounts. (highly sought after hard to crack accounts) Bodoin, and Williams, have already been name dropped by the Tufts men’s coach as others who he thinks would be interested because he personally knows the members and staff.

A. In accounts that currently carry our product, we give the buyers a taste. We let them in on the looks and styles we are infiltrating the campus with and recommend that they buy into look-alike styles. (Only look-alikes; not exact copies) The teams have to feel like they’re special and not too much of a marketing tool. They get exclusives on team oriented verbage or graphics. The styles look similar enough that the potential for the rub-off is high.  ALSO:  The pieces are EXTERIOR branded. The pieces­ also have “nineteen47.com” screened somewhere inside them. (all of our stuff should have it really)

A. If buyers don’t want a taste on those styles fine.  (But who wouldn’t?) We carry the looks on our online store. We order the extra product anyway and wait to push it on the account when demand inevitably rises.  Or we sell it direct. We drive traffic by way of our micro site we have created for the teams, or by way of school paper print ads that feature the product pics, and the website name.

Team members wear the product among other teams, to parties, to bars, to friends houses, etc. They get tagged in Facebook wearing the product, they post pictures of themselves at social events with the product everywhere.  They do this already. Its unreal the amount of documentation these kids subject themselves to for everyone to view on purpose. A marketer’s dream.  Just get next to it.

Others take notice. Friends, family, fellow students, see and seek out the product at the local store. To further the connection that the brand in the bookstore is indeed the brand their friends are all wearing we make large tasteful printouts of images we capture at the photoshoot we direct and put them in the book stores. (part of the trade agreement: product for time) And we launch the ’47 club sport micro site.

The ’47 Club Sport Internet Details are TBD: At the very least we give the images we take and make look great to the team members in hopes they put them up on facebook. They probably will.  We also ask the teams to be a part of our “as seen on” and “your story” parts of our website.  Or, if we feel we don’t get enough traffic for rub-off there, we make a ’47 club sport facebook page and host the pics ourselves.  It’s free but we might look like tools. Especially if we don’t let them know our plans from the beginning. After all, facebook is a place where people get together and keep up with their friends not marketing messages.


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