’47 Blog Strategy

RSS_iconBlogging is a way to earn and retain relevancy (cool points) in the market and keep people interested in what you do and say. It’s a basic way to spread your influence into a consumer base by writing about interests, trends, sports, brand related news and content. It can also be a place to start relevant conversations with real purchasers to gain market data and consumer opinion. Consumers use brand blogs to get to know weather or not their marketing messages can be trusted. It’s a place to put content that adds value to a customer’s life, and reasures that what we do and say is genuine.

Everybody in our target demographic reads blogs. The biggest blog readers organize their daily news feed with an RSS feed or reader. “RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication. People keep their finger on the pulse of trends in numerous niche markets by subscribing to these news feeds from a wide array of blogs.  There is a void in the market in the cross section between fashion and fandom. That’s where our sweet spot as a brand is and that’s where our sweet spot should be in the blogosphere. We have filled the void in the marketplace and that’s why our products are great. Now we have to fill that void in peoples minds. A free way to do that is by blogging.

Many companies in our space attempt to blog for these same reasons. Many fail. They fall short because it takes a lot of time and energy to generate, track down, and place content up on a blog that people will want to read. It’s a lot of work, but the good part is if you gain traction, you can measure your range of influence and popularity with free web tools. Thus giving you the power to improve and perfect the craft of influencing people’s buying decisions and cool points over time.

The rules of editorial content apply + interaction:

Things to do:

1.     Be interesting and engaging, but quick and to the point with style.

2.     Be ahead or with the cool curve

3.     Link your blog with other blogs to get cross-pollination readership

4.     Thoughtfully comment on other people’s blogs that you think may have readership of potential customers- and always sign your posts with your own blog link.

5.     Link your blog to all your other forms of Social media

6.     Pose questions to gain market knowledge and show that you care

7.     Make lists and ask for critiques from the readership. (ex. Top Ten Ball Park snacks of all time) (Top 5 party schools) (Best 7 nationwide tailgating events)

8.     Always thank people for commenting. Or make an attempt to keep the conversation going

9.     Strategically plug your own product and toot your own horn


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