’47 Banner Ad Strategy

targetBanner Ads can generate substantial web traffic. Best part about any sort of marketing on the web is that we can measure the results with great detail. A thoughtful focused creative approach can yield traffic that translates into sales. And over time with good reason and measurement, you can become very successful. Half of the battle is effectively targeting the customers. The next half is the message and design itself. Banner ads are going to be one of the last and slowest to die forms of interruption marketing.  But, until that unknown time in the future, they’re still one of the best ways to talk to strangers about your products.

The Rules of Traditional Print Ads Apply:

Realize you are an unwanted but necessary part of consuming online content. People are going to try to avoid you.

You have seconds to get attention and make your call to action.

And you have to know your audience on a case by case basis to make effective creative resonate with each particular market segment. A banner ad we place on a men’s fashion blog like Kempt wouldn’t be the same ad you place on a Bar Stool Sports blog. There is not one single effective thing you can say or do that would get the attention of both customers.-Except for maybe sex, but sex is all over the internet and for free, so you’ve got to get focused to be effective.

Not many advertise direct in the licensed business. Once again because it takes time and energy to do it right. You have to be ahead of the game. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money

Things to do:

1.     Research and target where our complex market segment spends their time online. You can do this with cheap online tools and consult experts like 1PICA.

2.     Develop a strategy for each type of customer we think are viable targets

3.     Formulate creative and run the Ads. As with all internet marketing technology, we can track our return on the investment with amazing detail –  More detail than ever before in the world of advertising actually.  Thus, the next time we run a promotion we know what worked, what didn’t adn how to get better and better.


2 responses to “’47 Banner Ad Strategy

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  2. Very informative, I just started advertising and a banner ad campaign. Thanks

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