Everybody does. I was talking to my Dad the other day and he told me about a window replacement spot that he heard on his talk radio station so many times that he called the company and chewed out the customer service clerk about it. He took time out of his day to tear somebody a new one because he hated the ads. He sure did remember their phone number. They probably yelled it through his speakers 4 times during the spot. Only to piss him off…

Here’s an idea, why don’t you send a street team out equipped with coupons for your windshield replacement service. They only target cars with cracked or broken windows. Ready to offer a helping hand for a modest profit to those who actually need your service.  OR. Strike a deal with the local gas stations who do inspections. Offer them some incentive for handing out your coupons to folks who won’t pass because of their cracked windows etc. Put in bold that you will match any competitors price if you find a better deal and you have the sale. Why wouldn’t they call you? They would. And they wouldn’t hate you for squawking in their ear when they were trying to listen to their favorite radio program too. Respect their time. Respect their intelligence. Be their friend.



  1. It seems that TV/Radio is just now waking up to the fact that new media has killed the cash cow that was the monopoly on advertising they had for almost 50 years. Now, with the consumer’s attention focused in so many different places, in order for the marketer to be successful, they have two choices: be patient, creative and smart or repeatedly scream at everyone and hope for a response.

    Obviously, the first choice is the one most challenging. But it is also the one most enduring, and as you mentioned, respects there time and intelligence. It will be the one that allows the marketer to carve out a deep niche for their product. The other method, though easy, in the more expensive and the one most likely to offend.

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