I’m not dead. I’m busy.

I’ve neglected the blog because I’ve chosen to be a better dad than blogger. Since I’ve been gone from WP, I got married, took a big trip to Costa Rica, started a wedding invitation business and enjoyed some awesome freelance gigs. Keep checking back for posts on those projects.


My first site design is up and coded!

Details to follow…

I made this Red Sox Team Store ad

It will run for the 2010 year in many Red Sox publications.  I merchandised and lit the shot, designed the cards and designed the ad.

Creative Brief on a Napkin Yields Logo Design

I’ve heard of people getting ideas and jotting them down on bar napkins. It makes sense. You’ve got to capture the thought on paper for later use. But this is something special. This is different. It reads “FROZEN AT FENWAY W/ICE” and was pretty much the entire creative direction and thought given to a project that needed to be completed in 3 days. And not three ENTIRE days; but three regular work days filled with the madness of my regular graphic design responsibilities. So – more like three hours.

After asking some questions (knowing that everybody and their brother had to approve this design including Major League Baseball, the Red Sox, Hockey East, My 4 bosses, and my CD) I found that we were looking at some serious limitations and restrictions.

I could not:
-Reference the Red Sox

-Use “Green Monster” green

-Use the color red

-Use any fonts or letter forms that reference Fenway Park or the Red Sox

I was asked to:

-Keep the pallet cool and simple

-Convey action

-Have ice

-Make sure we could appliqué, screen print and embroider the mark for cheap

Here is the mark I designed to brand the month-long event “Frozen Fenway.”  It will appear on the ice at the college games, on souvenirs, apparel, hats, television, everything. Everybody liked it.

And I think it’s actually starting to grow on me now…

Wish I did this

This is very nice art direction.

Concept sketches of 47brand.com

I ran across these conceptual sketches I did for the 47brand website last week while organizing some things and decided to put them up on the blog.

Our vision for the site was clear in my mind (and in these sketches) and surprisingly it didn’t change much throughout the site development.

I can’t stress enough the importance of being able to communicate with good sketches. It does wonders for the design approval process.

This was one of the biggest projects I’ve been a part of. There were multiple cooks in the kitchen and even more people in the approval process- yet it ran so smoothly. All because we did our heavy lifting up front with clear sketches.

I Made a Hand-Painted Typeface

I went through the laborious task of painting and scanning an all caps alphabet for use on T-shirt designs. This is a look that’s been popular in places like Abercrombie and Hollister for quite awhile now.  My CD has been wanting to chase this trend in the licensed industry but was unable to find a typeface that was mature and tasteful enough for our target demographic. I like a challenge so I decided to try and figure something out.

It turned out to be more of a pain to use in a production setting than originally anticipated but the result is truly unique and special. I also painted different types of sports balls for use in the center of the graphic if a college or team is interested in changing it up.